The Croa Team

Doc, 14 min, cor, HD, PA, 2012

In the Northeast of Pará, fishermen who live on Praia de Ajuruteua, municipality of Braganca, are passionate about football. They take their passion for national sport so seriously that they always board a ball on the bow of the boat. When they can, they find fishing partners in the croas, as the sand banks in that region are called, for a pelada. There, at low tide, they play football in this ephemeral field, created by nature, before returning to the open sea and facing the challenges of yet another fishery.

Direction: Jorane Castro
Production: Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre

Session 3 – Shows Navigate is necessary:
Date 06/11 Friday at 17h
NOTE: this session will be available for 24 hours. Exhibition only in the Brazilian Territory.


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