In July 1968, thirty girls from Vespasiano city, Minas Gerais, decided to raise money for a renovation of walls from Padre José Senabre School. Among the profitable ideas they suggested a ball, a charity bazaar and a football match. Independente stadium offered its field for their game. Vespasiano Sport Club contributed with uniforms for one of the teams. The other team wore a uniform sponsored by a repair shop (oficina) and that is why this team was named ‘Oficina’. Born in Vespasiano, Buião, striker for Atlético Mineiro and Corinthians, kicked off the match of Vespasiano and Oficina. Crowded stadiums, new matches and press coverage ended up drawing the attention of authorities. But, women’s football was ended prohibited early in this city. “Vespasiano today has a great tourist attraction. It is the only city in Brazil where women’s football is played, even prohibited by CND” – Estado de Minas newspaper, July 28, 1968. A historical photo: Dininha, Iolanda and Vespasiano’s players.

Text: Women, disobedience and resilience’s Exhibition (Football Museum)
Copyright: Archive from Estado de Minas Newspaper (1958)


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